qFLIX Fridays Features BGPics Titles’ Such Good People at T.O.C.’s Ascend Lounge

In the mood for a gay screwball comedy? I know that you are.

After dealing with the theme of religion and homosexuality in two previous films, one about gay Mormons (The Falls)–almost a growing genre all its own beginning years ago with the still popular, Latter Days–and another about gay Southern Baptists, another organized religion that rejects homosexuality, in Del Shores Southern Baptist Sissies, we thought there was enough guilt, rejection, and angst for a while.

We had enough, now it was about time for some comic relief.

That’s why, qFLIX Fridays, the ongoing free film premiere series, held the fourth Friday of the month, this month will present Such Good People at 7 pm, May 22, at Tavern on Camac’s Ascend Lounge.

Such Good People premiered as the opening night film at qFLIX Philadelphia 2014, with an all-star cast, starring Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk), Scott Wolf (Party of Five), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty, Devious Maids) and Lance Bass (N’Sync) that delighted and entertained the audience at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater.

The madcap caper centers on a young gay couple who discover a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for rich friends who die while out of the country.

So just how “good” are these people? And how really “bad”? This “guilty pleasure” comedy is chuck full of themes from the desire for accumulation of wealth, including real estate (it’s Los Angles, so what would you expect?) to caring about the plight of Bhutan orphans to the saving of porpoises.

There’s plenty of shenanigans to keep you laughing in your seats while a few characters do get killed, injured, betrayed, or exploited.

Mayhem is the order of the day. The “good” turn “bad” gets even “badder.” Family ties get stretched and severed. The whole truth isn’t always shared among lovers. And what happens to the dogs and precious artifact?

We’re not telling!

The ongoing series, qFLIX Fridays, is cooperatively produced by qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, July 7-12, the city’s and region’s premier LGBTQ film festival, Breaking Glass Pictures, a leader in gay and mainstream idie film distributor, and T.O.C., a presenting sponsor of qFLIX Philadelphia, along with QUEERtimes.net, the online media sponsor.

The Friday evening parties offer drink specials, door prizes, film feedback, with people who love movies, is open to the public and free of charge.

The film attracted an admiring fan base in 2014 at Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Film Out San Diego, Out Twin Cities Film Festival, and Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, among others.

Once you’ve viewed Such Good People, you and your friends (bring a few with you to the free screening) will be also joining them with a “like!”