It’s coming!  Just 9 ½ weeks from today!  Are you ready?  Have you marked your calendars?

Just what am I talking about you may be wondering.  Well, with the move of the region’s only LGBTQ film festival from July to March, I could only be talking about one thing . . . qFLIX Philadelphia 2017.

I’m proud to be working with Thom Cardwell, and our thirty plus volunteers, to bring the region its 23rd consecutive LGBTQ film festival.  We may have a new name but the tradition of the exhibition of independent national and international LGBTQ film continues.

We return this year to our same venues, with new events, and plenty of awards to give out.  2017 promises to be an exciting year for LGBTQ film in the city.

Festival week will kick off Sunday, March 12 with a very special “Kiss Me I’m Irish and Gay” party.

Monday night, March 13, will bring VIP Badge holders to a party where you can mix and mingle with this year’s badge holders.  All badges will be available for pick up at this event.

Tuesday, March 14, is our fabulous opening night film and party . . . never to be missed.

Friday, March 17, will bring a very special screening of a film we can’t yet tell you about, but the after-party will be a striking success.

Sunday, March 19, back by popular demand, we will be hosting our famous director’s brunch.  The evening brings us our awards ceremony and closing night party.

So what’s next as we work towards a successful qFLIX Philadelphia 2017?

As we are busy programming the festival we could use your help by asking you all to become a “supporter” of this year’s qFLIX.

By DONATING just $150 during the month of January we’ll give you a special “Supporter” all access badge for this year’s festival as a thank you!  All festival badges come with a one year membership (exp. 01/31/2018) to qFLIX Philadelphia.

But why support qFLIX Philadelphia?  Because of your love of stories?  Your enjoyment of LGBTQ cinema?  Friendships developed over the years?  Whatever the reason, we at qFLIX appreciate it very much.

Thank you for all the years you’ve supported us in the past, now let us look to the future with an eye on the next generation of filmmakers and audience members so qFLIX can continue growing to service the region’s LGBTQ film lovers.

So, mark your festival week now and get ready for new traditions as we spring to this year’s festival.

Click HERE to become a qFLIX Philadelphia 2017 Supporter!