Saugatuck Cures, Magic Mike XXL and Gay Pioneers

qFLIX Philadelphia Hosts Three FREE Screenings for National Gay Pride Month and National LGBT 50th Anniversary Celebration

There’s an increased value in being “in the know” and signing up for the latest and greatest information on the goings-on in the film world in Philadelphia if you’re a FREE member of the qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, July 7-12, email list.

You can sign up now at, just your name and email address. Honestly, what could be simpler?

Why? Because for your instant gratification, qFLIX Philadelphia is hosting three FREE screenings of films of interest to the LGBTQ community to end the celebration of National Gay Pride Month. It’s like a film orgy!

First, and, shame on you, if you don’t know by now about the monthly screenings on the fourth Friday of every month, qFLIX Fridays, a collaborative partnership between qFLIX Philadelphia, the city’s and region’s premier LGBTQ film festival, Breaking Glass Pictures, a leader in gay and mainstream idie film distribution, and Tavern on Camac, a presenting sponsor of qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, along with, the online media sponsor, that hosts fun-filled film parties, at 7 PM, at Tavern on Camac’s Ascend Lounge.

By the way, we’ve been hosting these qFLIX Fridays since January.

The Friday evening parties will be offering drink specials, door prizes and giveaways, film feedback, and hosted by Thom Cardwell and James Duggan, founders and producers of qFLIX Philadelphia, all in an informal but inviting way to share movie going with people who love movies, it’s open to the public and FREE of charge.

The impetus for the series came from The Tavern Group owner Stephen Carlino. ”We want to see gay movies all year long, be entertained, and throw a party,” he said.

CEO/president of Philadelphia-based, Breaking Glass Pictures, Rich Wolff chimed in: “We’ll be pleased to feature some of our titles at these movie release parties in Philadelphia. We patronize qFLIX Philadelphia and it’s a great way to brand us all throughout the year, not just at festival time.”

On June 26, 7pm, at TOC, qFLIX Fridays will present Saugatuck Cures, a centerpiece screening at qFLIX Philadelphia 2014. First-time feature director Matthew Ladensack tells the story of openly gay Drew (played by GLEE’s Max Adler) who takes his straight buddy’s (played by Danny Mooney) strange, really hair brain, scheme to raise money for his ailing cancer-ridden mother who desperately needs an expensive operation and treatment that the family can ill afford. Their bromance and antics are anything but normal.

GLAAD-nominated playwright Jay Paul Deranty has written a tour-de-force screenplay that handles serious topics like family dysfunction, homophobia, conversion therapy, religion, sexual identity, illness, aging and death with a comedic flair that will have you laughing at both the lighter as well as the darker side of life and living.

It’s satirical bite lands exactly in the right part of everyone’s anatomy.

Saugatuck Cures will be officially released on DVD and streaming on most online outlets by Breaking Glass Pictures on June 30.

Second, on June 29, 7:30 PM, at the Prince Theater, qFLIX Philadelphia will be one of the hosting groups of a private FREE preview screening of Magic Mike XXL, the much-anticipated sequel to Magic Mike, a movie about the lives, loves and losses of the world of male strippers. And strip, these guys do down to about as little covering that’s possible without being naked. But there’s plenty of flesh, muscle, dancing with all the right moves by hunky stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez and out Matt Bomer who beyond dropping trou shows a lot of Bomer-y! You’ll want to enjoy all the mayhem these titans of masculinity offer in Magic Mike XXL. Talk about your guilty pleasures!


In conjunction with the National LGBT 50th Anniversary Celebration, July 2-5, being presented by Equality Forum, the third FREE screening, co-hosted by qFLIX Philadelphia, is Gay Pioneers, on a more serious, historical, memorable but pleasant note.

The screening will be held on Friday, July 3, 6 PM, at WHYY Studios, 150 6th Street, in Old City, Philadelphia.

Gay Pioneers is an important documentary that focuses upon the start of the organized LGBTQ civil rights movement with Annual Reminders each July 4th from 1965 to 1969 at Independence Hall.

The Annual Reminders were the first time that activists from more than one city demonstrated; the first time the demonstrations were about equality rather than around an issue and the first time the demonstrations were repeated and sustained.

The organized LGBTQ civil rights movement was galvanized when activists from New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia staged demonstrations at Independence Hall for equality each Fourth of July. When 40 activists picketed in front of Independence Hall in 1965, it was the largest demonstration for gay equality in world history.

Organized by Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings, the father and mother of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, these “Annual Reminders” laid the groundwork for the Stonewall riot in 1969.

Gay Pioneers really sets the historical LGBTQ record straight (pun intended) without minimizing what happened at Stonewall and afterwards. It’s a chance for us all to catch up on our movement, legacy, present and future. Why would you want to miss seeing it?

And, by the way, there’s more to come in film, at qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, July 7-12, visit and become a part of the movement.