Tuesday, July 5 @ 7:30pm     Perelman Theater, Kimmel Center


PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW, 2015, Directed by J. C. Falcon

USA, 101 mins,  Drama, Comedy, WORLD PREMIERE

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What happens to four close knit friends, in midlife crisis at 40, when they all have to confront a new reality once a life-changing situation alters their friendships forever?

Mark Cirillo receives qFLIX Philadelphia 2016 Artistic Achievement Award in Acting.



Wednesday, July 6 @ 5pm  Prince Theater

REAL BOY, 2015, Directed by Shaleece Haas

USA, 72 mins, Documentary, EAST COAST PREMIERE

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A coming-of-age story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to find his voice—as a musician, a friend, a son, and a man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood, he works to gain the love and support of his mother, who has deep misgivings about her child’s transition.

Preceded by Home(less), Directed by David Walls

USA, 25 mins, Docudrama Short, 2016, WORLD PREMIERE

First-time director explores the all-too-important subject of queer homeless youth on the streets of Philadelphia and the sense of displacement, isolation, rejection, rootlessness suffered. What next?

Wednesday, July 6 @ 7:15pm  Prince Theater

LAZY EYE (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Tim Kirkman


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Love is fleeting but can it be rekindled, reinstated, renewed, even when age, time, distance, has separated the lovers?  The varieties of love and complexities of life can either heal or never reconnect.

Wednesday, July 6 @ 9:30pm      Prince Theater

KISS ME, KILL ME, Directed by Casper Andreas

USA, 2015, 101 Mins, Murder Mystery, EAST COAST PREMIERE

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This star-studded murder caper starts out as a lovers’ quarrel over something silly that ultimately turns deadly. Who’s the murderer? The victim? The suspect? The accused? With lots of surprise plot twists!

Wednesday, July 6 @ 5pm      Caplan Theater – UArts

LETTER TO ANITA, Directed by Andrea Meyerson

USA, 2014, 54 mins, Documentary, Political

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Orange juice would never be the same nor would the Florida Growers Association nor the LGBTQ community in America after evangelical fanatic Miss America Anita Bryant raged homophobic war. Narrated by Meredith Baxter.

Preceded by SPEAK, Directed by Marc Saltarelli

USA. 20 mins, Drama, 2016, NORTHEAST PREMIERE,

Not all family reunions happen for good reasons. Estranged brothers, one gay, the other conservative Christian, are brought together by force when their mother loses her speech as her health declines.


Wednesday, July 6 @ 7:15pm      Caplan Theater – UArts

TWO 4 ONE, directed by Maureen Bradley

USA, 2014 , 77 mins,  Romance, Comedy,  PHILADELPHIA  PREMIERE

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Watch out!  You never know what a one-night stand can end up being!  This might be one of the funniest film in the festival. Critics called it: “Hilarious. Touching. Sensitive, Gender-bending.”

Wednesday, July 6 @ 9:30pm      Caplan Theater – UArts

CHEMSEX, Directed by Max Gogarty & William Fairman

Great Britain, 2016, 89 mins, Documentary, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE

“When The Lights Go Out” Series     MATURE CONTENT

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The hardcore way of life where they can’t get enough sex without enough highs with drugs is rapidly spreading. Some addicts want to stop; others can’t; others don’t care and are unapologetic about it.

Thursday, July 7 @ 5pm            Prince Theater         


China, 2015, 99 mins., Romance, Fantasy, USA PREMIERE, (In Chinese with English Subtitles)

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A fantastical personal voyage into the lives, loves, relationships of a 21-year-old multi-talented director who stars in what can only be called one of the most original sexy queer movies in a long time.

Thursday, July 7 @ 7:15pm            Prince Theater

GUYS READING POEMS (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Hunter Lee Hughes

USA, 2016, 99 mins, Drama, Fantasy, Art, EAST COAST PREMIERE

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Don’t be misguided by the simple title of what this unusual exploration into the artscape expressed in memorable words, stunning images that are the integration of the conscious with the unconscious mind. A star-studded cast.

Thursday, July 7 @ 9:30            Prince Theater

PARIS 05:59: THEO AND HUGO, Directed by Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau

France, 2016, 97 mins, Drama, Romance, EAST COAST PREMIERE.

“When The Lights Go Out” Series       MATURE CONTENT

(In French with English Subtitles)

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The sexiest, most graphic scenes in any film, there’s a purpose and reason as these two young handsome Parisians try to connect in a meaningful, holistic way in a first-found love relationship with conflict and tension.

Thursday, July 7 @ 5pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

What’s the Matter with Gerald?    Directed by Matt Riddlehoover

USA, 2015, 138 mins, Drama, Comedy, EAST COAST PREMIERE

What’s life like when you have everything and all should be perfect? But somehow nothing could be further from the truth. Seek professional help? No, how about a psychic? Probably one of the quirkiest gay films you’ve seen on the way to self-actualization. Skeptics welcome!


Thursday, July 7 @ 7:15pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

FILM HAWK, Directed by JJ Garvine & Tai Parquet

USA, 2014, 99 mins., Documentary, History, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE,

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Queer Bob Hawk is one of those famous, not famous people, except among of a small world of indie filmmakers and film festival directors as a real “movieman” who consulted so many in the launch of their careers like Kevin Smith.

Thursday, July 7 @ 9:30pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

RETAKE, Directed by Nick Corporon

USA, 2015, 98 mins, Drama, Suspense, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE

“When The Lights Go Out” Series       MATURE CONTENT

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When lost love is not resolved can it be recaptured in the reliving of the experience, even if staged, Hitchcockian style, to ease the pain and bring someone dead back to life by simply making it so?

Friday, July 8 @ 5pm             Prince Theater

REEL IN THE CLOSET, Directed by Stu Maddox

USA, 2015, 70 mins, Documentary, History, PHILADELPHIA PREMIER

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A band of passionate savers (archivists at heart) of everything LGBTQ so that the history of our community will be preserved, maintained, shared with future generations. Rare footage of Barbara Gittings, Harvey Milk and others.

Friday, July 8 @ 7:15pm             Prince Theater

WOMEN HE’S UNDRESSED (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Gillian Armstrong

Australia, 2015, 99 mins, Docudrama, EAST COAST PREMIERE

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Orry-Kelly will be a household name after this wonderful docudrama about an Oscar-winning costume designer in Hollywood who managed to dress Bette Davis to Marilyn Monroe in a long list of classics and managed for a time to be Cary Grant’s boyfriend.

Friday, July 8 @ 9:30pm             Prince Theater

BEARCITY 3 (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Douglas Langway

USA, 2016, Drama, Comedy, EAST COAST PREMIERE,

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They’re back! Bears, cubs, muscle bears, lovers, friends return in the third installment of the ongoing saga of the lives of the endearing characters who know how to party, love, laugh, care and struggle with life the best they can and in their own skin.

Friday, July 8 @ 5pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

QUEER CITY, Directed by Draper Shreeve

USA, 2015, 84 mins, Documentary, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE

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A celebration of the American “melting pot” of true inclusion and diversity in today’s world with portraits of all kinds of LGBTQ people living their lives, dealing with their challenges, enduring their struggles in New York City.


Friday, July 8 @ 7:15pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

TWO GUYS: Eight Romantic Shorts (Men’s Shorts), 87 mins

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LUNCH, Directed by Matt Vance,  3 mins.  A nice amuse bouche.

FURIOUS SAINT JACK &OTTER, ALONE, Directed by Ethan Roberts, 6 mins. Two guys meet in a bar…

THE CREAM, Directed by Villeneuve Jean-Marie, 9 mins.  Two runners cream in their shorts.

OCCUPY ME, Directed by Adam Fitzgerald, 16 mins.  Sex and politics with a Jew and an Arab.

SEVEN DRINKS, Directed by Madison Thomas & Kevin P. Gabel, 14 mins.  An entire relationship in 7 drinks.

CATHARSIS, Directed by Robert Aquino, 20 mins.  Sex on the rebound.

PARTING, Directed by Dimitris Toulias, 10 mins.  The end of an LTR.

I DON’T BELIEVE IN THAT, Directed by Byron Karabatsos, 9 mins.   A comedy about compromise

Friday, July 8@ 9:30pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

HARA KIRI, Directed by Henry Alberto

USA, 2015, 81 mins, Drama, WORLD PREMIERE

“When The Lights Go Out” Series       MATURE CONTENT

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Two gay skateboards become more than just attracted to each other but go beyond their declaration of love and commitment to each other, becoming cavalier about life and living, and enter a “suicide pact.”

Saturday, July 9 @ 12pm             Prince Theater

DESERT MIGRATION, Directed by Daniel F. Cardone

USA, 2015, 80 mins, Documentary

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A poignant examination and re-examination of long term survivals of HIV and how they have coped over the decades with everything from changes in lifestyle from treatment to attitudes about the virus.

Saturday, July 9 @ 2:30pm             Prince Theater

DOWNRIVER (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Grant Scicluna

Australia, 2015, 99 mins, DRAMA, EAST COAST PREMIERE

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James has served time for drowning a little boy when he was a child, although the body was never found in the river. A visit from his victim’s mother upon parole sends him on a quest to find the truth. With little time and danger at every turn, James risks his freedom and his life to uncover the trail of sins that might give closure to the grieving mother.

Saturday, July 9 @ 5pm             Prince Theater

O YOUTH AND BEAUTY: Men’s Shorts, 91 mins

A collection of men’s shorts that simply share the theme or characteristic of focusing upon, well, youth and beauty, that have been worshiped, idolized, envied, destroyed, or appreciated for its qualities.

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PRETTY BOY, Directed by Cameron Thrower,  30 min.  Gay teen’s visit with a prostitute.

PERPETUAL, Directed by Peter Ahlén Lavrsen, 25 mins.   Gay teen has relationship with an older man.

GETTING OFF, Directed by Tommy Craven, 36 mins.   Young college boy has a sexy sugar daddy.

Saturday, July 9 @ 7:15pm             Prince Theater 

YOU AND I, Directed by Nils Bökamp

Germany, 2014, 79 mins, DRAMA, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE

In German with English Subtitles

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Youth, beauty, carefree life are the hallmarks of being an adolescent. The character relationship between the two boys develops into a close and intimate relationship on the road and the campground.

Saturday, July 9 @ 9:30pm             Prince Theater 

REQUIRED FIELD, Directed by Todd Verow

USA, 2016, 72 Mins, DRAMA, CRIME

“When The Lights Go Out” Series       MATURE CONTENT

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“The Criminal Mind” both fascinates and disgusts us at one and the same time. This film will intrigue viewers who are fans of “Dexter,” “American Psycho” who live by a different code of morals.

Saturday, July 9 @ 12pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

POLITICAL ANIMALS, Directed by Jonah Markowitz & Tracy Wares

USA, 2016, 90 mins, Documentary, Political

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Recently lauded by Variety, the film honors four women who have devoted their lives to being “political animals” working within the system that wished to keep them out, with courage, fortitude, relentlessness and diligence. And never looking back.

Saturday, July 9 @ 2:30pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

KEEPING IT 100; Films That Are Real: WOMEN’S SHORTS, 89 mins

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BEARDED LADIES, Directed by Sharon McGowan, Canada, 2016, 29 min.  Rosamond Norbury, a self described ‘omnisexual’, photographer of homoerotic art by day and drag king by night.

EACH NIGHT I  DREAM, Directed by Jim Chuchu. Kenya, 2015, 11 min.  Banned from Kenya, a series of anonymous interviews reveals the harsh reality of life for LGBTQ youth in Africa.

STELLA WALSH, Directed by Rob Lucas, USA, 2014, 15 mins.  Why don’t we know about the most celebrated, awards-laden (Olympic Gold included) female athlete on the planet?

DAESH GIRL, Directed by Abdul Almutairi, Saudi Arabia, United States, 2016, 12 mins,  In the midst of Islamic militants, forbidden lesbian love prevails.

GOLDEN, Directed by Kai Stänicke, Germany, 2015, 3 mins.  A tale of feeling different but discovering your place as a part of a shimmering community.

CHARLOTTE, Directed by Angel Kristi Williams, USA, 2015, 11 mins. More than innocently playing house, develops among these young girls.

11 LIFE LESSONS FROM AN AWESOME OLD DYKE,  Directed by Allison Khoury, USA, 2015, 8 mins.  A tough-as-nails butch offers lessons, from a perspective only possible with a PhD from the School of Life.


Saturday, July 9 @ 5pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

BREAKING FREE, Directed by Sridhar Rangayar

India, 2015.  82 mins, Documentary, Political, USA PREMIERE

In Hindu with English subtitles.

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We live in a “Global Village.” It is incumbent on us as to be educated, supportive, helpful, and empowered to assist in any way we can in the struggle that LGBTQ people in nations like India face.

Saturday, July 9 @ 7:15pm            Caplan Theater – UArts


USA, 1996, 90 mins, DRAMA, ROMANCE,

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Out of the Archives and into the Theaters, Cheryl Dunye’s classic lesbian feature, filmed in Philadelphia by an out lesbian Philadelphia director, will be celebrated with a screening of a newly restored print.  A daring, break-through film!

Cheryl Dunye will be in attendance for this special 20th anniversary screening.

Saturday, July 9 @ 9:30pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY, Directed by Julio Hernández Cordón

Mexico, 2015, 88 mins, Drama, Political, NORTHEAST PREMIERE

In Spanish with English subtitles.

“When The Lights Go Out” Series       MATURE CONTENT

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It’s no secret of a huge socioeconomic divide in Mexico. Illegal trafficking is not limited to drugs and humans but other commodities; exploiting another black market by gay surfboarders to make it rich.

Sunday, July 10 @ 12pm             Caplan Theater – UArts


Various Countries of Origin, 67 mins, Various Genre Buy Tickets Buy ALL ACCESS Badges A collection of four winners of “The Iris Prize,” the world’s largest LGBTQ short film prize, presented annually at Cardiff, Wales “Iris Prize Festival,” for 35,000 pounds sterling, for the film maker to produce a new short film in the United Kingdom. BOYS VILLAGE, 2011, 22 mins, UK/Germany, directed by Till Kleinert.  Once a local youth’s paradise, through abandonment and vandalism, the facility has now turned to decay, debris, rubble. Is it a refuge for 11-year-old? BURGER, 2013, 11 mins., UK/Norway, directed by Magnus Mork. What’s this—observations of an all-inclusive and diverse group of patrons—hanging out in a popular late night burger joint in Cardiff, Wales? FOLLOWERS, 2015, 12 mins., US/Australia, directed by Tim Marshall. Can a lonely, elderly God-fearing woman find solace and redemption from a young African male swimmer? Has he been sent from God or? SPOILERS, 2016, 22 mins., US/Australia, directed by Brendon McDonall. Love captured, then lost, then conceivably found again. With all the pain, suffering and hell to endure is a second chance at love worth it?

Sunday, July 10 @ 2:30pm             Caplan Theater – UArts


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DIE BALLAD VON ELLA PLUMMHOFF, Directed by Barbara Kronenberg, Germany, 2015, 29 mins. A flunking Math eight grader only cares about landing her first kiss—on another girl. Grades be damned!

VAMONOS, Directed by Marvin Bryan Lemus, USA, 2015, 13 mins.  Mac’s tragic death leads to a power struggle between the mother and the partner she left behind.

BAGGAGE, Directed by Sarah Ball, UK, 2015, 14.5 mins.  A jilted window dresser uses her Valentine’s day store window display to send a public message to her ex. Oh snap!

BETTY, Directed by Kristiina Kello, UK, 2015, 9 mins, Watching the world go by, Betty’s discovery of a newspaper ad, invites her to explore her past.

ACTRESSES, USA, 2015, 11.5 mins.  A young actress basks in the shine of an off-Broadway star, but not for long.

SWIPING, Directed by Patrick Bobilin, USA, 2015, 13 mins.  A web series about post-Tinder romance, Ali Clayton stars as Renee, Sophie, Becky and Ali, all swiping their way through life’s ups and downs.

THE FIRST SESSION, Directed by Fawzia Mirza, USA, 2015, 6 mins,  Two women search for a little relationship help from an unconventional therapist and a mango. Okay?


Sunday, July 10 @, 5pm             Caplan Theater – UArts

AWOL, Directed by Deb Shoval

USA, 75 mins, 2016, Drama, Romance 

Buy Tickets Buy ALL ACCESS Badges

Who can resist this rural lesbian love story that seems so realistic and genuine “about the choices that young people have–and don’t have.” Before her deployment from PA, she plans to go AWOL. Will she?


Sunday, July 10 @ 1:30pm             Prince Theater    

FALL, directed by Terrance Odette,

USA, 2016, 72 mins, Drama, PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE

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One of the most controversial films in the festival about pedophilia within the Catholic Church. Are the accusations true? If not, why are they brought to light? How does a priest succumb to shame or pardon?

Sunday, July 10 @ 3:30pm             Prince Theater

PLAY THE DEVIL (CENTERPIECE), Directed by Maria Govan       

Trinadad-Tobago, 2016, 90 mins, Drama, Political, Thriller

Buy Tickets Buy ALL ACCESS Badges

A raw, seductive, sexy, at times, scary, intense portrayal of the collision of age, class, cultural, personal, sexual identity and socioeconomic backgrounds in a relationship between a youth and an adult gone bad.

Sunday, July 10 @ 5:30pm             Prince Theater

UNDER PRESSURE: Seven shorts that promise dram-ah, dram-ah, dram-ah!  MEN’S SHORTS, 99 mins

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BUDDY, Directed by Niels Bourgonje, 12 mins. Two exes await HIV test result

MATHEO, Directed by Dàrrell Lee Hall, 12 mins.  Cute lonely indecisive French guy

WHAT YOU WANTED, Directed by Amatullah’Muhyi Ali, 14 mins.  Bi guy grapples with desires

STACCATO, Directed by Eoghan Peter McQuinn, 22 mins.  Historical drama of forbidden love

FAMILY DINNER, Directed by Zachary Lambe, 5 mins. Coming out comedy of African-American family.

SCARLINES, Directed by Stephanie Young, 20 mins.   Trans man returns home

DRAG QUEEN FOR KIDS, Directed by Byron Karabatsos, 14 mins.  Martha Graham Cracker reads Dr. Seuss. The one and only will be in attendance.

Sunday, July 10 @ 8pm             Prince Theater


SHARED ROOMS, Directed by Rob Williams


Buy Tickets Buy ALL ACCESS Badges

Holiday Season in America can be a double-edged sword for all kinds of people, including LGBTQ, the best and the worst can be exposed in dysfunctional to extended families. You’ll be surprised and delighted who ends up “sharing rooms.” Come celebrate it all!

*Students will be required to show student ID when picking up their Student ALL ACCESS badges.

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