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“Life is not always a comedy and it is not always a drama, it is a mix. And in my projects. I like to play with that,” explained Canary Island, Spanish-bred director/screenwriter J. C. Falcon, of PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW, that opens qFLIX Philadelphia 2016.

What better way to roll out the red carpet than to start the festival with a world premiere of his first English language film, thanks to Philadelphia-based distributor, Breaking Glass Pictures, that recently acquired the rights?

And to mix it up, Falcon focuses on four main characters, all nearing 40 and dealing with various issues, frustrations, ambitions, disappointments and challenges in everything from their relationships, whether gay or straight, single or married, to careers, parenthood, friendships, sexual identities and even kinkier fantasies.

The appealing and attractive cast includes Sean Maher as Joe, the always horny, sex junkie looking for the next app hookup; Andrea Grano as Delia, married but yearning for motherhood; Nacho San Jose as Rodrigo, professional, sterile and struggling to retain his manhood; and Mark Cirillo as Herbert, a workaholic, geeky, and ready to give up looking for Mr. Right.

Who finds love? Who finds sex? Who loses out?

Among the gang of four, there’s enough betrayal, mistrust, misjudgments, mistakes and secrets to make you laugh one minute and cry the next, much like a good soap opera plot. In the end, all of their lives change, some for the better, others for the worse.

“If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain”, so I thought about outlining a project in which I had a 99% certainty that I could make it happen. And I came up with this story, PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW, with only a few characters, in which the elements that form the plot do not require a large production. It is basically based on the personal story of these characters and on the dialogue,” he said. Thus the film was shot within only 14 days in Los Angeles, on a fairly tight budget and a grueling schedule.

From his interesting perspective, Falcon explained that “it looks like when you turn 40, you have to be reaping fruits instead of sowing them. If you have not achieved this by that age, you can feel frustrated and get into a bunch of insecurities that are difficult to deal with. The movie talks about all this through these four friends.”

Fans of The Seminarian and The Last Straight Man will recognize Mark Cirillo who will be in attendance at opening night.

About the film:

PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW        2015         Distributor:  Breaking Glass Pictures

USA    101 mins.            Comedy Drama    Director:  J. C. Falcon    English

Opening Night Film        Tuesday, July 5 @ 7:30pm      

Perelman Theater         Kimmel Center     WORLD PREMIERE


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