Love is a Right. Hate is a Crime. Bring Ugandan Kamoga Hassan to Philadelphia!

We in America are all too conscious and aware of hate crimes. They are almost daily occurrences. We are repulsed by them. We want those who commit them stopped, punished, incarcerated. Ultimately, we want them stopped.

Happily, we as a society and a nation are addressing the problems of hate crimes through the courts more and more. And such actions being perpetrated against LGBTQ people are being addressed by more of our 50 states than a decade ago.

Sadly, hate crimes against LGBTQ people in other parts of the world are not being stopped but encouraged by the government, organized religion and the media. Uganda is one of those nations. “Kill the Gays” was a controversial but permissible bill, even, in part, conceived and mobilized by American clergy living in Uganda and waging a witch hunt against LGBTQ Ugandan residents and citizens.

We at qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, July 7-12, are pleased to host the “World Premiere” of Ugandan filmmaker Kamoga Hassan’s debut feature, Outed: The Painful Reality, 9:30pm, Saturday, July 11, at the University of the Arts’ Caplan Theater.

“Outed” is a recounting of a true story of what happens when a young gay Ugandan man is publicly identified by photographs and name for his sexual orientation in one of the Ugandan tabloids dubbing John Alex Kigozzi, nicknamed Vida, as one of the country’s “Top Homosexuals.” Based upon no evidence, the newspaper’s action sparked a nationwide debate, provoked religious zealots to spread hate crime messages, and ultimately destroy Kigozzi’s entire life.

The film addresses this sad, painful, unimaginable, inhuman, tragic war by focusing upon one gay man’s life in February, 2014.

We need your help! The festival needs $2,000 to underwrite the airfare for independent filmmaker Hassan to come from Uganda to Philadelphia for his “World Premiere” and to speak about the “Kill the Gays” ongoing massacre of LGBTQ people in his country as an International Human Rights issue.

Of his film, Hassan has said: “[I] hope this will generate some fresh intellectual debate about the general status of gay people in Uganda, particularly about the role of media in escalating their plight.”

Won’t you help? Please contribute whatever amount you can to spread the message to stop the hate, the violence, and the murder of LGBTQ Ugandans in our Global Village?