They’re back. And more of them than ever, that is in the previous two installments of the BearCity trilogy. Their saga continues with the east coast premiere of BearCity 3, one of the biggest coups in the LGBTQ film festival circuit ever for qFLIX PHILADELPHIA 2016, 9:30 pm, Friday, July 8, at the Prince Theater!

Last month Frameline, San Francisco’s prestigious LGBTQ film festival celebrating its 40th anniversary, scored its own coup by hosting the world premiere of BearCity 3, to a sold-out house at the historic Castro Theater.

Programmer Steven Jenkins wrote the following about BearCity 3 in Frameline’s program guide:

“The beefy, burly boys of the sweet and frisky BearCity series return for a final rom-com romp in the delightfully satisfying climax to the popular trilogy, which from the start has celebrated let-it-all-hang-out body positivity, the comforts of coupledom, and the joys of camaraderie among a loveable group of gorgeous guys who all seemingly suffer from xyrophobia (fear of razors, naturally).”

“This final installment finds nervous nelly Brent and papa bear Fred preparing for parenthood, with Brent’s wisecracking mom (the scene-stealing Kathy Najimy) providing baby-proofing tips and Fred’s sis serving as a super-preggers surrogate. Will filmmaker Fred finish his bear epic before she pops? Meanwhile, silver fox Roger is broke and lonely, bumming beer from friends and yearning to rekindle a spark with sexy ex Tyler, now shacking up with closeted fireman Jay. Their buddy Michael has a shot at domestic bliss with Dalton, if only the cub’s phone-hacking teenage daughter will give the bow-tied suitor a chance.”

“As plot strands tangle, the gang embarks on a campy camping trip replete with body paint, trysting twinks, a much-used outdoor sling, and an actual bear in the woods. Everyone has a roaring good time—including the grizzly—and viewers are sure to do the same as the beloved trilogy comes to a climax in a furry flurry of hirsute pursuit.”

The centerpiece screening of BearCity 3, the most-anticipated sequels in queer cinema in a decade.  Be the first in your tribe to see it!

After the screening, there’ll be the most-talked party of the season when uBar, premier sponsor of qFLIX Philadelphia 2016, hosts a special qFLIX “Meet and Greet” with cast and crew of BearCity 3, Queer City, Two Guys Shorts, and Hara Kiri. The crowd will be about as all-inclusive and diverse as you’ve ever seen in the city of Philadelphia’s Gayborhood. Join us and party the night into the morning away but only after seeing some films!

Click here for tickets to BearCity 3.