qFLIX Philadelphia 2015 Boasts 5 World Premieres: From USA to South Africa and Uganda

World premieres are coming to qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, July 7-12! We’ve got five of them! From a locally-made feature by a Philadelphian first-time director, shot entirely in Philadelphia, to a feature by another Philadelphian first-time director who shot his film in 22 of the 50 states that make up the United States of America, to yet another feature made by a transplanted Singaporean director about contemporary American family life but with a secret about a taboo, we have a variety.

From faraway from our American shores, festival producers Thom Cardwell and James Duggan bring two documentaries that couldn’t be more different in worlds, one a comedy that’s as life-affirming as ever, about one gay man’s journey to reach a state of happiness in life, from South Africa, by a former Philadelphian first-time director to another dark, foreboding, sad, story of one gay man’s life based upon the real story of “Kill the Gays” campaign and the outing of those who are even suspected of being gay in Uganda, a country where it’s a crime to be different.

The 5 films being offered for the first time anywhere in the world give qFLIX Philadelphia status and prestige in the world of LGBTQ film festival circuits. They all share in common that they are genuinely indie films, made for little money, by dedicated, focused, and determined directors, casts and crews, usually without being paid but passionate about the art of filmmaking and with the burning desire to tell their stories whether true or fictionalized.

Honestly, they’re all well worth watching so mark them down in your own film lineup for qFLIX Philadelphia 2015, and maybe bring a friend or two with you.

Be Who You Are Documentary | 2015 | USA | 90 min | Documentary | Directors: Jon Ristaino & Levi Schenk | English

Thursday, July 9 @ 7:15 PM @ the Prince Theater

This non-traditional, fast-paced documentary started as a small project in Philadelphia, but developed into a road movie that stretched across the country. Two best friends and their cameraman travel America through 22 states in 25 days stuffed in a compact car searching for inspirational stories of everyday people pursuing their dreams.  While asking all of them the same question, “What does it mean to be who you are?” Quirky narration, behind the scenes footage, unusual characters create a unique and experimental film style. Directors will be in attendance for a talkback after the screening.

Cape of Good Humor | 2014 | South Africa | 30 min | Documentary, Humor | Director: Eric Kwasnjuk | English

Thursday, July 9 @ 5:00 PM @ the Caplan Theater

Here’s our tribute to the short documentary. First-time director (former Philadelphian) Eric Kwaznjuk’s documentary is a personal journey from addiction to self-actualization using humor as healing and therapy. It is an empowering film about taking a chance to dramatically change your life and lifestyle after acknowledging that one’s own state of happiness demands you be who you are and do what you really want to do in life—follow your dreams, make them real. Men’s shorts (TBA) will follow the documentary. Director will be in attendance for a talkback after the screening.

Godless | 2014 | USA | 90 min | Drama, Family | Director: Joshua Lim | English

Thursday, July 9 @ 9:30 PM @ the Caplan Theater

In a typical American family, two brothers grow up in a loving home with supportive parents, seemingly living the life of normal boys. As they grow older their affection and attraction for each other is separated by time and space (one goes away to college), the openly-gay younger brother is preoccupied, obsessed by something. Their parents’ death naturally reunites them, old habits, old feelings, conjures up a taboo that they dare not share with anyone. From the director of “The Seminarian.” The director has been invited.

LUV Don’t Live Here Anymore | 2015 | USA |95 min| Drama | Director: Mikal K. Odom | English

Friday, July 10 @ 7:15 PM @ the Caplan Theater

“LUV” DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE tells the story of Reggie Hamilton, also affectionately known as Reggie Luv, a gay black man whose life takes a 180-degree turn when once he becomes severely ill. Not so easily willing to part with the way life was before, Reggie finds himself not only fighting for his health, but unearthing harsh truths about himself and the relationships he holds dear. First-time Philadelphian director Mikal K. Odom tells a passionate and compelling story. Director and cast members will be in attendance after the screening.

Outed: The Painful Reality | 2015 | Uganda | 66 min | Drama | Director: Kamoga Hassan | English and Luganda with subtitles

Saturday, July 11 @ 9:30 PM @ the Caplan Theater

On 25th February 2014, based on no evidence, a Ugandan tabloid published names and photographs of the people they perceived to be the “Top homosexuals” in the country. This outing not only provoked widespread hate messages towards people perceived to be of LGBTQ orientation but also instigated widespread debate among the Ugandan society. Based on a true story, the film looks into the life of John Alex Kigozi aka Vida who appears on the front page of the tabloid despite the fact that he had never disclosed his sexuality to anyone. Following the outing, Vida’s life turns woeful when he consequently loses his job, his house and so much more. The director has been invited.

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