During the course of J. C.  Falcon’s swanky comedy—drama, People You May Know, set to make its world premiere for the opening night of qFLIX Philadelphia 2016, 7:30 pm, Tuesday, July 5, Perelman Theater, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. Four longtime pals now facing midlife crisis will intersect for some serious shenanigans when one finds herself impregnated by her bestie. That’s it? That’s the big surprise? Well, did we mention that he’s gay?

The film, amid dozens of other lusty stories unveiled via the largest LGBTQ film festival on the East Coast, running from July 5-10, is the first English language one directed by Falcon and brought to qFLIX after being acquired by Breaking Glass Pictures, a revered Philly independent mainstay distributor which also introduced audiences to such works as 5 Star Day and The Fields, two films that went on to receive great exposure and numerous accolades in the art community.

For the director and screenwriter, a native of the Canary Islands, being on the set for a US film has made People You May Know a sometimes daunting and always exciting task.

J.C. Falcon, a film maven with a quicksilver brain, is certainly used to exciting versatile storytelling. He has directed and formulated the story for several films at this stage in his career, with titles including shorts Green Card, Black Rice, Numero 2: Si Yo Fuera Marilyn, Maintenance Required and his prominent feature, The Wooden Box. 

“(It’s been) very intense, we just had 14 days to shoot the whole movie. This has been my first feature filmed in the US,” Falcon said. Although the process of work with the crew is basically the same, “it has been a great experience directing American actors,” he said.


Mark Cirillo

People You May Know offers a sexy ensemble cast featuring Sean Maher (Serenity), Lauren Mayfew (American Pie: Bandcamp), Andrea Grano (Planet of the Apes), and Mark Cirillo (How to Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse, The Seminarian) in key roles.

For Cirillo, the experience working alongside his colleagues has been an exceptional one filled with many memorable moments. He’s also the quintessential film fanatic who moved to Los Angeles directly out of high school before ending up majoring at Loyola University Marymount where he studied Theatre Performance and Film Production.

“Andrea Grano, Sean Maher and I had an instant connection from the first moment we were all in a room together at the first rehearsal so we had the best time together and laughed non-stop throughout production. (It was) probably to the chagrin of J. C., but I think our chemistry really helped the film,” Cirillo slyly told me in this exclusive Qt interview.

Both the director and actor greatly look forward to attending the film festival, with this being Cirillo’s first ever visit to the City of Brotherly Love and Falcon’s first ever exposure as a now US filmmaker. Not to mention that Cirillo will be the recipient of qFLIX Philadelphia 2016’s Artistic Achievement in Acting.