qFLIX Philadelphia 2017 Sees Change; After 22 Years Moves from July to March

Change is definitely in the air as producers Thom Cardwell and James Duggan return to present the fourth edition of qFLIX Philadelphia by moving the major LGBTQ film festival in the tri-state area from July to March.

While continuing a 23-year tradition of bringing the latest and best LGBTQ international and national independent films to the greater Philadelphia region as a major arts and cultural event, the six-day festival will take place, March 14-19.

The dramatic seasonal change from summer to spring has been considered for several years to attract a larger audience of both college students and those who escape the city for summer destinations spots like the Jersey Shore, Ashbury Park, Rehoboth Beach, Fire Island, and Provincetown.

“Our moving qFLIX Philadelphia to another time of year was a decision that myself and Cardwell wrestled with ever since we took over the festival in 2014,” admitted Duggan.

qFLIX Philadelphia, however, will remain the same with three premiere venues along the Avenue of the Arts and adjacent to the city’s Gayborhood, where we will show a full schedule of screenings of features, documentaries and shorts, while presenting awards to filmmakers and others who have made an impact on the LGBTQ communities.

“This year’s programmers are consciously seeking to find undiscovered talent, the newest, youngest and alternative of LGBTQ voices and visions among the nation’s and the world’s filmmakers who have tackled a wide range of topics from the complexities of relationships to the more politicized side of the lives of all LGBTQ in their struggle for acceptance, tolerance, freedom, equality and civil rights,” said Cardwell.

One major byproduct of the calendar change for qFLIX Philadelphia will directly impact the number of world, USA, and regional premieres as well as an increase in the number of guests, including filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, producers, and others since qFLIX Philadelphia will not be vying for talent in competition with Outfest Los Angeles in July when most years their dates overlap with our city’s summer festival.

“Festival guests will be able to stay longer and enjoy the wonders of Philadelphia instead of merely staying overnight, then back on the plane to make their appearance at Outfest Los Angeles,” explained Duggan.

“Diversity continues to be the common thread that runs throughout many of the films in the lineup for qFLIX Philadelphia 2017 with the breaking down of stereotypes in terms of gender, youth and even lifestyle, in a variety of genres, from a con artist’s caper to a documentary about a major female jazz singer,” he noted.

The other major change for qFLIX Philadelphia is that it recently received its official approval from the IRS to be its own nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization.