Jun 15, 2020 to Jun 23, 2020

ALMOST LOVE, 2019, USA, Comedy-Drama | (aka SELL BY | In a city of 8 million people, everybody has a love story. Adam (Scott Evans) is mired as a ghost painter for a famous artist (Patricia Clarkson, in a fun cameo), while his boyfriend of five years, Marklin (Augustus Prew), is rocketing to stardom as an Instagram fashion icon. Meanwhile, their supportive friends are dealing with equally fraught relationships. Cammy (Michelle Buteau) is having a relationship with Henry (Colin Donnell), who has a terrible secret; Haley (Zoe Chao) is tutoring a 17-year-old student (Christopher Gray), who is in love with her; and Elizabeth’s (Kate Walsh) marriage may be on the skids. As these characters fall in and out of love, ALMOST LOVE asks the timeless questions…how do you know who’s right for you, and how do you know when to let go?

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Jun 22, 2020 to Jul 06, 2020

ARMY OF LOVERS IN THE HOLY LAND is a Swedish pop-dance band that has enjoyed a string of European hits in the 1990s, hits that are based on kitsch lyrics, high camp videos, and a libertine philosophy. This documentary film takes a fun and revealing look at one of Europe’s most outrageous acts, the band’s enduring popularity in Israel, and the vocalist’s surprising decision to move to Israel, a decision that brings about their first-ever concert in the Holy Land.

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Jun 19, 2020 to Jun 30, 2020

AVIVA. A modern love story propelled by masculine and feminine energies, inventive dance sequences and uninhibited sex… Aviva is a young Parisian who develops an online romance with Eden, a New Yorker. Aftera long courtship they meet in person and fall in love, settling into an intimate relationship that leads to marriage. But their lives are not without struggle – for inside both young lovers exist warring factions of masculine and feminine energies battling for primacy inside and out of the bodies it contain them. Incorporating exultant dance sequences, and featuring a pair of principal characters played by four different actors externally expressing their masculine and feminine sides, Aviva captures a restless, frenzied and very fluid moment in time – right now – where the male-female dynamic is demystified and laid bare like never before.

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Jun 29, 2020 to Jul 07, 2020

BREAKING FAST. 2020, USA, Comedy, Drama | This year PrideFLIX 2020 will close with the East Coast Premiere of the romantic comedy “Breaking Fast” about Mo (Haaz Sleiman), a practicing Muslim living in West Hollywood, who meets Kal (Michael Cassidy), an All-American guy who offers to break fast with him during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Jun 01, 2020 to Jun 16, 2020

EQUATION TO AN UNKNOWN.  This long-lost masterpiece of gay erotic cinema centers on a handsome young stud who rides his motorcycle through myriad sexual encounters, from a soccer game’s locker room to a phantasmagoric and deeply melancholy orgy. A labyrinth of all-male fantasies whose outstanding beauties always end up fading away while leaving their sensual protagonist dealing with his own loneliness, EQUATION was directed with supreme grace by the mysterious Dietrich de Velsa (aka Francis Savel/Frantz Salieri). A former painter, de Velsa was also the owner and artistic director of La Grande Eugène, one of the first drag cabarets in Paris. Years later, he collaborated with Joseph Losey on MR. KLEIN (1976) and DON GIOVANNI (1979). His one and only film, EQUATION TO AN UNKNOWN stands as one of the most extraordinary erotic films of all time.

Jun 29, 2020 to Jul 07, 2020

GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH. 2019, USA, Documentary | In this rousing documentary, the San Francisco Gay Chorus, led by conductor Dr. Tim Seelig, are joined by The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir on a tour through the Deep South. The chorus is bringing its messages of music, love, and acceptance to communities and individuals confronting intolerance. Over 300 singers travelled from Mississippi to Tennessee through the Carolinas and over the bridge in Selma. They perform in churches, community centers, and concert halls in hopes of uniting us in a time of difference. The journey also challenges Tim and other Chorus members who fled the South to confront their own fears, pain and prejudices on a journey towards reconciliation. The conversations and connections that emerge offer a glimpse of a less divided America, where the things that divide us—faith, politics, sexual identity—are set aside by the soaring power of music, humanity and a little drag.

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 Jun 11, 2020 to Jun 26, 2020

HUCKLEBERRY.  This is a gorgeous film on all levels. Set in the late 90s with a perfect mise en scène set amidst desolate Ohio through all four seasons. It follows Huckleberry, convincingly acted by Daniel Fisher-Golden, as a transgender youth finding his way in a conservative town. He’s in love with his classmate, Jolene, played by a luminous Sarah Ulstrup, and he ultimately proves he will do anything for his love. Every aspect of this film is well-executed, from the score to the story to the acting to the cinematography to the double-edged ending. (IMDb)

Jun 15, 2020 to Jun 22, 2020

OUR DANCE OF REVOLUTION.  This untold history of Toronto’s Black queer community spans four decades of passionate activist rebellion. Refusing to be silenced and raging with love, the featured trailblazers demanded a city where they could all live their truths free from the threat of violence. In the spaces they found for loud laughter and sweaty block parties, they also found themselves. Each bit of revolutionary ground was gained collaboratively, whether protesting police brutality, forming feminist collectives, or making room for grief and healing in the wake of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Their transformative creativity and visionary organizing made Toronto more livable for generations to follow. Our Dance of Revolution celebrates the living legends among us by unearthing what has been made invisible. Come honor this hidden chapter of Toronto’s history and witness the courage it took to dance in the street for the struggle.

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Jun 29, 2020 to Jul 07, 2020

PROUD.  In 1981, it was still illegal to be gay in France. Today, same-sex marriage is recognized and paved the way for legalizing the adoption of children by LGBTQ families. Proud tells the story of Charles, Victor and Diego, three generations of the same family whose lives represent the seismic social changes that took place in just over 30 years. From the award-winning director of Fatima, this three-part episodic cinema event is a chronology of acceptance and a portrait of one family through changing times.

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Jun 05, 2020 to Jun 13, 2020

STRAIGHT UP.  Gay writer, director, and star James Sweeney’s funny and talky romantic comedy about a gay man (Sweeney) who re-evaluates his desires when he falls non-sexually in love with Rory (Katie Findlay), a straight woman. Sweeney and Findlay are charming as they navigate uncertain waters in this amusing spin on the gay guy/straight girl dynamic.

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Jun 22, 2020 to Jun 30, 2020

TU ME MANQUES.  Bolivia, 2019, Drama, In English and Spanish with English Subtitles | Starring Argentine actor Oscar Martinez (Wild Tales, The Distinguished Citizen) and Spanish actress/Almodóvar muse, Rossy de Palma, Tu Me Manques follows Jorge (Martínez), a conservative father who goes to New York to investigate the death of his gay son Gabriel. When Jorge meets Sebastian (Fernando Barbosa), his late son’s boyfriend, the men clash over the father’s inability to understand his son’s sexuality. Meanwhile, Sebastian is staging a play to pay tribute to Gabriel. As the men reconcile with their grief in different ways, Tu Me Manques becomes transcendent.

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Jun 05, 2020 to Jul 06, 2020

The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of First Friday.  In the 1980’s, a group calling itself First Friday sprung fully formed from the imaginations of a group of Lesbians living in Roanoke, Virginia. It was the Reagan years and the Moral Majority was just down the road. Despite the political climate and spurred on by the pure serendipity of finding each other, the lesbians of First Friday created safe space and threw fantastic events for Lesbians including the annual Roanoke Valley Women’s Retreat.

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