qFLIX is proud to announce that we will be moving into a new theater this year at the elegant Suzanne Roberts Theatre, along the Avenue of the Arts in the heart of Philadelphia.  This 360-seat traditional proscenium auditorium and mezzanine theater opened in 2007 and was designed by Kieran Timberlake, using the principles of Universal design.   The theater has a two-story lobby and mezzanine level reception area and is ADA compliant.

Along with moving into a new venue, qFLIX will be adding an additional day to make it an 8-day film festival, which will allow us to offer more screenings during our 2020 season.

Rooted in the history of the 26 years of LGBTQ+ film festival leadership, qFLIX is proud to continue the tradition of sharing the stories of LGBTQ+ people in a safe and affirming environment.

LGBTQ+ film inspires the imagination and encourages the journey of discovery and acceptance by both the ever-growing region’s LGBTQ+ and mainstream communities.

Our mission is to preserve the tradition of the exhibition of American and international LGBTQ+ independent film. qFLIX presents our film festival for, by, and about our community. We produce the festivals for the education, entertainment, and enjoyment of past, present, and future generations.

As the largest LGBTQ+ arts and cultural event in the region, qFLIX marks 26th years Philadelphia has had an LGBTQ+ film festival. We continue the tradition of offering independent film from around the globe with our now 8-day festival, March 22-29, at our new home, the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, and Connelly Auditorium @ UArts.

With over 130 films, numerous filmmakers, plenty of awards, and an abundance of events throughout Center City and the Gayborhood, qFLIX does Philadelphia proud.

We are often asked “why an LGBTQ+ film festival?” and we always go back to the same answer, “It’s about the telling of our stories. It’s about where we have been, what we are doing, where we are going . . . our pain, our struggles, our sacrifices and our victories . . . It shows that we are a global community that is united in our struggle for equality.”

From our victories to our persecution, from discrimination to our marriage equality, we are a global people, and nothing shows that more than an LGBTQ+ film festival.

The telling of stories is vital to our community. It links us to real lives; the coming of age, the coming out, our political victories, our health emergencies, our joys and our fears.

Such a festival is an opportunity for us to see film that we would otherwise not have available to us from independent filmmakers from as far away as Hong Kong, Armenia, and Iran.

Without the telling and retelling of our stories at LGBTQ+ film festivals, where would we learn and grow from our past experiences?

So, here’s to qFLIX Philadelphia 2020!

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Roberts Theatre)