2017 Shorts Programs

Friday, March 17 @ 9:30pm, Prince Theater


Directed by Various Film Makers, 2016, 97 mins, Drama, Comedy, Documentary
East Coast Premiere, ADULT CONTENT

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This mélange of seven shorts includes comedy, drama, documentary, video and experimental films that are guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

BLOW JOB 2017, Directed by Charles Lum and Todd Verow, USA, 2017, 5 mins

A contemporary re-imagining of Andy Warhol’s “Blow Job”

SECRET SANTA SEX PARTY, Directors Charles Lum and Todd Verow, USA, 2016, 12 mins

A documentary portrait of a group of older gay men meet in a New York hotel room for sex.

BAYARD AND ME, Directed by Matt Wolf, USA, 2016, 16 mins

A documentary portrait of Bayard Rustin, the gay civil rights leader, and his partner Walter Naegle.

BRANDON SMITHSON SHORTS (Various), Directed by Brandon Smithson, USA, 2015-6, 5-10 mins.

Various snippets/music videos features gay and trans people of color.

HEIMAT XXX, Directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer, Germany, 2016, 12 mins.

Two men commune in nature.

TOuriST, Directed by Humberto Busto and Cesar Ramos , Germany, 2016, 15 mins

A man arrives in Berlin only to become who he wants to destroy.

BOYS ON THE ROOFTOP, Directed by Julian Hernandez, Mexico, 2016, 18 mins

Two men, a master and a slave, negotiate their relationship

THE GOOD WAITER, Directed by George Bamber, USA, 2016, 16 mins

A successful waiter meets his match–and his biggest challenge–when he must train a young man who wants to be a good waiter.


Saturday, March 18 @ 2:30pm, Connelly Auditorium


Directed by Various Filmmakers, 2016. 92 mins, Drama, Comedy
Philadelphia Premiere

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This program shines a light-hearted look at the importance of friendship – created, accidental, and tested.  From the Bride of Frankenstein to the girl next door to your everyday superheroes, we all need to get by with a little help from our friends sometimes. After all That’s What Friends Are For.

BRIDE OF FRANKIE | USA | 18m 48s | Dir. Devi Snively

In this feminist nod to Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor’s lonely creature, but strange things happen when the sparks fly.

THANKSGIVING GUEST | USA |12m | Dir. Zoe Pressman

Mashed potatoes, new moms, and a new man? Conversation around the Thanksgiving table is never easy, especially when you’re Eva, a young woman with one mission: piss off dad.

PRINCESS | Germany |16m | Dir. Karsten Dahlem

A fiery bully get the tables turned and learns the true meaning of courage.

SUPERHEROS | Germany | 16m | Dir. Volker Petters

Sometimes superheroes come in super small pack(age)s. At least “2 heads short” for his age, Phil gets picked on for his small stature and quick retorts. He forms some unlikely alliances to get the upper hand.


Wilna Hervey, a six-foot-three-inch, three-hundred-pound heiress played the role of “The Powerful Katrinka” in the Toonerville Trolley comedies of the early nineteen-twenties. While filming on location in the Philadelphia suburbs, Wilna Hervey met Nan Mason, the daughter of her Toonerville co-star, Dan Mason. This heartwarming doc illustrates how Wilna and Nan became close friends and ultimately life partners.

SUICIDE | USA | 28m | Dir. Molly Ratermann

Carson McCarthy has decided to end it all and drags along her reluctant bestie to help her do the deed. A light-hearted look at a serious problem.

Saturday, March 18 @ 2:30pm, Prince Theater


Directed by Various Film Makers, 2016, 104 mins, Drama, Comedy
Philadelphia Premiere

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The four long shorts in this program depict gay male desire in all its permutations—from clandestine affairs to comedic misadventures on an around the world tour, with stops along the way in France, Czech Republic, Australia and Argentina.

1992, Directed by Anthony Doncque, France, 2016, 25 mins

A gay student has a clandestine affair with an adult in his school. He tries to keep this secret from his father.

ABOUT A FATHER, Directed by Roman Nemec, Czech Republic, 2017, 30 mins

David, brings his lover Adam, home to his family. It’s a delicate situation as David’s father Jindrich is waiting a heart transplant. David’s mother tries to keep Jindrich stress-free, but Adam’s presence complicates matters.

YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING, Directed by Goran Stolevski, Australia, 2016, 19 mins

A doctor’s romance with the hospital interpreter is getting deeper, but everything is not as it seems.

THE MAD HALF HOUR, Directed by Leonardo Brzezicki, Argentina, 2015, 30 mins

Juan, a gay man, has comic encounters and manic bursts of energy and despair while out with his partner.

Sunday, March 19 @ 5pm, Connelly Auditorium


Directed by various filmmakers, USA, 2016, 83 mins, Drama, Comedy
Philadelphia Premiere

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Headaches, feelings of depression, euphoria, hilarity and solace. What causes all of these side effects?  “Families. Am I Right?” We love ‘em, we hate ‘em, and now we put their business on blast. Each of the shorts in this grouping deal with the matter of family in different and compelling ways.

PIECE OF CAKE | US | 17m | Dir. Ella Lentini

After a year of dating paradise, things go awry when Jessie’s parents, who are unaware that ‘Alex’ is a girl, arrive in town for their anniversary.

STILL DEVOUT | USA | 19m 21s | Dir. Melissa Perez

An anxious 22 year old must choose between romantic love and the needs of her family.

ENCUENTRO | USA | 16m 20s | Dir. Florencia Manovil

Claudia’s night out with friends is disrupted by an encounter with the captivating Isabel.

THE CANDIDATE | USA-6m | Dir. Michael Hilf

The Candidate goes through a rigorous vetting process to determine The One for a very specific agenda.

SPLIT COST | USA | 24m | Dir. Jeffrey Blake Palmer

Two young women from disparate backgrounds share a ride to western Massachusetts in this award-winning story of unexpected friends navigating life’s bumpy roads and moving forward with hope.