Tuesday, March 14 @ 7:30 pm, Perelman Theater

HANDSOME DEVIL, Director by John Butler, Ireland, 2017, 100 mins, Drama, Northeast Premiere

In this film, Ned and Conor are forced to share a bedroom at their Irish boarding school. The loner and the star athlete at this rugby-crazed school form an unlikely friendship until it’s tested by the authorities. The two roommates, arbitrarily housed together, are very different high schoolers yet they share much more than a room and a school but the status of genuinely being outsiders who, ultimately, must learn to be true to themselves, the most important lesson of all, no matter what the consequences.

Wednesday, March 15 @ 5 pm, Prince Theater

FAIR HAVEN, Directed by Kerstin Karlhuber, USA, 2016, 93 mins, Drama, Northeast Premiere

After a long stay in an intense ex-gay conversion therapy retreat, a young piano prodigy returns home to his family’s apple farm in a small town, his emotionally distant father, and a former boyfriend. Will boy love be rekindled or the future play out differently?

Wednesday, March 15 @ 7:15pm, Prince Theater

OPEN, Directed by Paul Hart. USA, 2016, 93 mins, Comedy, East Coast Premiere

What’s so great about monogamy?  Committed lovers marking their 10th anniversary question their relationship and decide to switch to an open and free coupling. The experiment has its ups and downs which takes them on a joyride of fun and frolic, doubt and desperation.

Wednesday, March 15 @ 9:30pm, Prince Theater

FLATBUSH LUCK, Directed by Casper Andreas, USA, 2016, 99 mins, Comedy, Crime, Philadelphia Premiere

This caper is all about being down on your luck one minute and up on it the next. Of course, a little cheating never hurts until you’re caught. Fun turns to crime, even murder, as a sexy would-be hot shot finds out all kinds of secrets that change the dynamic of his life, his values and his relationships.

Thursday, March 16 @ 5pm, Levitt Auditorium, Gershman Y

KIKI, Directed by Sara Jordeno, Twiggy Pucci Garcon, USA, 2016, 97 mins, Documentary, Music & Dance, Philadelphia Premiere

Film critics have proclaimed that KIKI picks up where, 25 years later,  Paris Is Burning left off. The pair as both screenwriters and directors serve as the “gatekeepers of the New York ‘Kiki’ scene” in offering audiences “all-access passes to the dance-offs as outlets for at-risk LGBTQ youth-of-color. It’s a celebration of music, dance and community.

Thursday, March 16 @ 5pm, Prince Theater

GIRLS LOST, Directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining, Sweden, 2015, 106 mins, Drama, Fantasy, Philadelphia Premiere

While three teenage girls are dealing with the trials and tribulations of bullying, marginalization and sexual confusion, they discover something magical that transforms their gender and the world around them. The film explores the nature of both genders in an endearing and intriguing way that should appeal to all audiences.

Thursday, March 16 @ 7:15pm, Levitt Auditorium, Gershman Y

STRIKE A POSE, Directed by Ester Gould, Reijer Zwaan, Netherlands, 2016, 86 mins, Documentary, Music & Dance, Philadelphia Premiere, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

Thursday, March 16 @ 7:15pm, Prince Theater

TOMCAT, Directed by Handl Klaus, Austria,  2016, 117 mins, Drama, USA Premiere

Andreas and Stefan, along with their beloved tomcat Moses, are happily and passionately cruising down the road of life. They live in a beautiful old house. They work together at the same orchestra. They love their large circle of friends. But when an unexpected and inexplicable outburst of violence suddenly shakes up the relationship, everything is called into question. What happens when we see the blind spot that resides in all of us?

Thursday, March 16 @ 9:30pm, Levitt Auditorium, Gershman Y

A TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW, Directed by Sampson McCormick, USA, 2016, 58 mins, Documentary, Comedy, Northeast Premiere

It’s “two for one” when out, African-American comedian, writer and activist performs live and on-stage for one-night only with his standup routine prior to the screening of the documentary about being all these things and still managing on making a living and a career in show business. Sampson’s toughest act to follow is his own but he’s daring enough to take his chances in entertaining you live and then on screen.

Thursday, March 16 @ 9:30pm, Prince Theater

BRAZILIAN FILM: TRIBUTE TO  GUSTAVO VINAGRE, NOVA DUBAI & SHORTS, CHUTES & FILM FOR A BLIND POET, Directed by Gustavo Vinagre, Brazil, 2014, 110 mins, Drama, Comedy, USA Premiere, ADULT CONTENT

Gustavo Vinagre is arguably the most exciting and edgy gay filmmaker to come out of Brazil in decades. His best-known work, Nova Dubai, is a provocative mix of documentary and raw, explicit sex. This heady film presents a cross-section of guys—from construction workers to realtors—having erotic encounters across a city bursting with new housing. Two shorts round out the tribute to his stimulating brand of cinema.

Friday, March 17 @ 5pm, Connelly Theater

OPPORTUNITY, Directed by Mohit Goswami, India, 2017, 73 mins, Drama, World Premiere

Two friends, now one an out gay urbane, professional and the other a small town fellow with rustic charms, recollect upon some forgotten memories from a distant past. Together, they revisit the roads not taken; and, the lines between the past and the present get blurred. Set in Mumbai, the romantic drama is a contemporary study on understanding of one’s identity, missed opportunities, and personal choices.

Friday, March 17 @ 5pm, Prince Theater

THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD MAUPIN, Directed by Jennifer M. Kroot, USA, 2017, 93 mins, Documentary, East Coast Premiere

If anyone knows how to tell a tale it’s Armistead Maupin with his ground-breaking Tales Of The City, first in books, then brought to television screens, this documentary offers up a lot of behind the scenes of the renowned author’s journey from intolerant conservative to beloved writer known for his outrageous wit and open heart with interviews with Sir Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Olympia Dukakis, Amy Tan, and Neil Gaiman and more.

Friday, March 17 @ 7:15pm, Connelly Auditorium

WELCOME TO DEAD HOTEL, Directed by Li Bin, China, 2016, 94 mins, Drama, World Premiere

“China’s first gay fantasy film, an absurd film noir,” and calling it, “a salute to the American film maker Quentin Tarantino,” the love triangle of a fellow soldier and a fiancé vie for the officer’s attention and affection in a totally improvised film without any script during the shooting. All scenes and actors’ lines are all dependent upon director’s on-site guidance, The result is something that pushes the boundaries of traditional film making.

Friday, March 17@7:15pm, Prince Theater

GRINDER, Directed by Brandon Ruckdashel, USA, 2016, 89 mins, Drama, Crime, East Premiere, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

This modern gay film noir centers around Luke, an innocent and naïve teenager wanting to escape an abusive home in the suburbs while searching for his sexual identity. When he is unsuspectingly lured by a sexy agent on an online dating app into the meat grinder world of the NYC modelling scene, he quickly discovers that nothing is as it seems.

Friday, March 17 @ 9:30pm, Connelly Auditorium

UTOPIANS, Directed by SCUD, Hong Kong, 2016, 97 mins, Drama, East Coast Premiere, ADULT CONTENT

A young handsome student finds himself unexpectedly attracted to more than the intellectual prowess of his handsome, outspoken professor who helps to transform his protégé’s life forever. There’s much free love, sex and nudity in this bacchanalian world, using Hong Kong and its environs as a romantic, breathtaking backdrop.

Friday, March 17 @ 9:30pm, Prince Theater

MEN’S SHORTS:  MANLY MASHUP, Directed by Various Film Makers, 2016, 97 mins, Drama, Comedy, Documentary, East Coast Premiere, ADULT CONTENT

This mélange of seven shorts includes comedy, drama, documentary, video and experimental films that are guaranteed to stimulate your senses. With the East Coast premiere, direct from Sundance FF 2017, Bayard and Me, a documentary portrait of the gay civil rights leader and his partner.

Saturday, March 18 @ 12pm, Connelly Auditorium

THE LAVENDER SCARE, Directed by Josh Howard, Jill Landes, USA, 2016,  80 mins, Documentary, World Premiere

No one will “Like Ike” (President Dwight S. Eisenhower) after seeing this film! The timeliness of its subject couldn’t be greater than right at this moment in our nation’s history. The witch hunt that the federal government pursued of LGBTQ professionals within their own ranks is dark and chilling. That it happened at all is both instructive and a warning of what is possible when power runs amuck..

Saturday, March 18 @ 12pm, Prince Theater

SEARCH ENGINES, Directed by Russell Brown, USA, 2016, 101 mins, Drama, Comedy, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

It’s time to share the Thanksgiving Day dinner with family and friends but getting everyone to mix and mingle is challenging when so many are addicted to their cell phones. A power outage causes everyone to have to “communicate” in real time and space that’s when the tragedy and the comedy come into play. Stars Connie Stevens and Joyle Fisher.

Saturday, March 18 @ 2:30pm, Connelly Auditorium

WOMEN’S SHORTS:  T.W.F.A.F. , Directed by Various Filmmakers, 2016. 92 mins, Drama, Comedy, Philadelphia Premiere

This program shines a light-hearted look at the importance of friendship – created, accidental, and tested.  From the Bride of Frankenstein to the girl next door to your everyday superheroes, we all need to get by with a little help from our friends sometimes. After all That’s What Friends Are For.

Saturday, March 18 @ 2:30pm, Prince Theater

MEN’S SHORTS:  INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, Directed by Various Film Makers, 2016, 104 mins, Drama. Comedy, Philadelphia Premiere

The four long shorts in this program depict gay male desire in all its permutations—from clandestine affairs to comedic misadventures on an around the world tour, with stops along the way in France, Czech Republic, Australia and Argentina.

Saturday, March 18 @ 5pm, Connelly Auditorium

UPSTAIRS INFERNO, Directed by Robert L. Camina, USA, 2015, 99 mins, Documentary, East Coast Premiere

Sadly, before Pulse in Orlando, there was Upstairs in New Orleans. The gruesome parallels are apparent. Until now, “Largest Gay Mass Murder in U.S. History” for 43 years that took place in 1973 where an arsonist set fire to the Up Stairs Lounge, a gay bar located on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, killing 32 people, has never been told with actual accounts of eye-witnesses, many of whom were friends, neighbors, and lovers. Narrated by Christopher Rice.

Saturday, March 18 @ 5pm, Prince Theater

SUICIDE KALE, Directed by Carly Usdin, Canada, 2016, 78 mins, Drama, Comedy, Philadelphia Premiere

A group of lesbians are enjoying a Saturday afternoon cookout when an anonymous suicide note is found in their midst. Their friends and partners are all wondering “who wrote it?” Dark and comedic, the answer will surprise and delight even the smartest of would-be “detectives”! The fantasy is part of the film’s charm embedded though with an important message.

Saturday, March 18 @ 7:15pm, Connelly Auditorium

APRICOT GROVES, Directed by Pouria Heidary Oureh, Armenia/Iran, 2016, 82 mins, Drama, World Premiere

Aram, the Iranian Armenian youth who has immigrated to the US in childhood returns to Armenia for the first time to propose to an Armenian girlfriend Narbeh who he met and lived with stateside. Narbeh sees many cultural, religious, and national differences on their day trip together. But harder obstacles are ahead and twists and turns on the road to life.

Saturday, March 18 @ 7:15pm, Prince Theater

BWOY, Directed by John G. Young, USA, 2016, 88 mins, Drama, Northeast Premiere, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

After the death of his male child, a father/husband with ambivalent sexual desires becomes entangled in a chaotic but passionate online love affair with a young gay Jamaican man that leads to an obsession, while his wife attempts to find solace in similarly destructive ways. Stars Anthony Rapp.

Saturday, March 18 @ 9:30pm, Connelly Auditorium

SMALL TOWN RAGE, Directed by David Hylan, Raydra Hall, USA, 2016, 141 mins, Documentary, World Premiere

This is NOT a documentary about injustice surrounding an epidemic in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. It IS a documentary about injustice surrounding an epidemic in Small Town America: Shreveport, Louisiana. Expertly narrated by Lance Bass, the brave men and women of ACT UP Shreveport tell their stories of rage against that injustice, which may not have made them popular, but lead to necessary changes in their Small Town and in America.

Saturday, March 18 @ 9:30pm, Prince Theater

THE PASS, Directed by Ben A. Williams, England, 2016, 91 mins, Drama, East Coast Premiere, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

Two teenage British footballers share more than their room and passion for the sports league’s championship. When their defenses are down that leads them to discover and expose who they really are beyond the locker room and what life has in store for the pair. Stars Russell Tovey.

Sunday, March 19 @ 12pm, Connelly Auditorium

FREEDOM TO MARRY, Directed by Eddie Rosenstein, USA, 2016, 89 mins, Documentary, Philadelphia Premiere, CENTERPIECE SELECTION

The story of how same-sex marriage became a reality after a long and difficult fight for fair is told as a story of passion and stuck-to-it-ness as the father of Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson dedicates almost every waking hour for three decades to the cause, along the way we meet the many other activists, named and unnamed, but all dedicated to the success for the LGBTQ community and nation.

Sunday, March 19 @ 1:30pm, Prince Theater

NEW MEDIA, Directed by various web series creators, USA, 2016, 2017, 69 mins, Drama, Comedy, USA Premiere

It’s all about the Web with creators of several gay web series now online showing some episodes on the big screen. Featured this year will be Spooners, Brothers, the pilot for 5 to 9, and the world premiere of a web series turned short film, Daddyhunt. A panel of experts, educators, producers, directors and actors will discuss New Media. Radio personality Frank DeCaro will be in attendance.

Sunday, March 19 @ 2:30pm, Connelly Auditorium

DON’T CALL ME SON, Directed by Arra Muylaert, Brazil, 2016, 85 mins, Drama

Based on a true story, the film is a critically-acclaimed and engrossing examination of the essence of identity. After discovering the truth about his adoptive mother, Pierre (AKA Felipe) must deal with the consequences of his mother’s actions and must try to deal with his biological family all the while trying to answer the universal question, Who Am I?

Sunday, March 19 @ 3:30pm, Prince Theater

CLOSET MONSTER, Directed by Stephen Dunn, Canada, 2015, 93 mins, Drama, Crime, Philadelphia Premiere

A fresh take on the coming-of-age story, this surreal tale follows the artistically driven Oscar (AMERICAN CRIME’s Connor Jessup) approaching adulthood, struggling to find his place in the world and haunted by images of a tragic incident. After he meets a mysterious and attractive new co-worker, Oscar follows the guidance of his pet hamster Buffy (voiced by Isabella Rossellini) and faces his demons to find the life he wants.

Sunday, March 19 @ 5pm, Connelly Auditorium

WOMEN’S SHORTS:  FAMILIES: AM I RIGHT?, Directed by various filmmakers, USA, 2016, 83 mins, Drama, Comedy, Philadelphia Premiere

Headaches, feelings of depression, euphoria, hilarity and solace. What causes all of these side effects?  “Families. Am I Right?” We love ‘em, we hate ‘em, and now we put their business on blast. Each of the shorts in this grouping deal with the matter of family in different and compelling ways.

Sunday, March 19 @ 5:30pm, Prince Auditorium

FRONT COVER, Directed by Ray Yeung, USA, 2015, 100 mins, Drama, Comedy, Philadelphia Premiere

Life is all about fashion!  Or is there more?  A rising star in the industry who is a VERY gay Chinese-American finds being out can have its drawbacks in both his professional and personal life. An assignment to shoot a Chinese TV megastar leads to a complicated affair and a reexamination of his heritage and family values.

Shown With Masc/Only, Directed by Drew Droege, USA, 2016, 16 mins, Drama, Comedy, East Coast Premiere

Sunday, March 19 @ 7:30pm, Prince Theater


SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER, Directed by David Berry, USA, 2017, 111 mins, Drama, Musical, North American Premiere

This romantic musical is so original that it can easily be dubbed “a gay La La Land.” Its freshness in its approach in dealing with youthful identity, feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, and, finally, early adulthood is as heartfelt, truthful and engaging as the original songs and music that underscore the story of young love, gained, then lost, and later regained, but not before a wide range of emotions have been experienced, felt, accepted and understood.  Love discovered is not without its hardships and heartache and the young gay men go through many challenges and are even struck by tragedy before they defy the odds and look towards their future.